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Welcome to the Sunniest Spot in Germany

Im Strandkorb an der Küste durchschnittlich 2.000 Sonnenstunden im Jahr genießen

Vorpommern is the north-eastern part of the German federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, stretching across an area of around 6,700 sq km along the Baltic Sea coast and offering an average of over 2,000 sun hours annually, as recorded over the last ten years. According to weather experts, this is the highest sunshine duration in all of Germany! It’s no coincidence that the islands of Rügen, Usedom and Fischland-Darss-Zingst are among the most beloved holiday spots on the Baltic Sea, drawing over a million leisure-seeking visitors to the region each year. But Vorpommern boasts more than just its power to attract tourists. A diverse portfolio of industries including globally active companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses with a strong sense of innovation is also one of the region’s assets. In addition to agriculture and the food industry, the maritime industry, the service sector and tourism count among the traditional economic branches and are also important job-creating factors.

Attraktive Angebote für Studenten, Auszubildende und Arbeitssuchende gleichermaßen

Jobs and Professional Opportunities

Vorpommern offers not only beautiful natural landscapes for local recreation but also many opportunities for people seeking jobs and vocational training programmes as well as for students. There is a particularly high demand for workers and trainees in tourism, trade, logistics, life sciences, healthcare, wind energy, IT, telemarketing and the maritime industry.

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Mit der Uni Greifswald und der Fachhochschule Stralsund in der Bildungslandschaft gut aufgestellt

A broad, high-quality education obtained locally can make all the difference in terms of professional opportunities and perspectives as well as in everyday life. Both young people and adults enjoy optimal conditions for education in Vorpommern. The University of Applied Sciences, Stralsund and the University of Greifswald regularly occupy the top spots in university rankings and are among the most preferred university locations in the state.

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Sowohl Stadt- als auch Landliebhaber finden in Vorpommern ihr Zuhause

Living and Housing

Whether one prefers the bustle of the city or a quiet life in the countryside, there is a suitable place in Vorpommern for everyone – and also a place to call home. The Hanseatic cities of Stralsund and Greifswald form the upper centre of the region and are popular areas for living, attracting many with their maritime charm and historic city centres full of cafés and restaurants.

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Vielfältige Freizeitaktivitäten bieten sich zu Wasser oder auf dem Land

Vacation and Leisure

Enjoy the fine things in life in Vorpommern. Both in the water and on land, Vorpommern offers plenty of space for leisure activities with high recreational value. From water sports such as sailing, surfing, kitesurfing and canoeing to long-distance bike and hiking tours, the weekends and holidays throughout the year can be filled with a variety of outdoor pursuits. Achieving a balance between everyday work and leisure is the key to a motivated, productive professional life.

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Neue Wachstumskerne werden gefördert und traditionelle Wirtschaftszweige gestärkt

Business and Investing

Up-and-coming development areas and future opportunities in Vorpommern can be found particularly in the energy sector, life sciences, biotechnology, logistics and service centres. The state economic policy specifically promotes new growth areas while reinforcing traditional economic sectors such as the maritime industry and tourism.

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